Cheltenham Paint Festival 23  

This one really belongs in the "Live Painting Events" section, but I have a ton of photos to share as painted two separate good-sized pieces at the festival this year, so I've given it its own page.

If any of you reading this have never visited Cheltenham - either during the annual paint festival itself (, or at any point - I'd urge you to do so if you can.  Every year the town is transformed with over 100 new murals big and small, and the fest itself has an absolutely magical vibe.

My main piece - on the Honeybourne Line (near Waitrose) - my take on Tank Girl, looking super bad ass :)

 more pics -a close up,  a WIP shot, the full tunnel, and my doggie friend!

My secondary piece - part of the top to toe street art and graffiti takeover of the Centre East multi storey car park (in the middle of town near the big John Lewis) - big thanks to Cheltenham Council for letting us all run riot in there for the whole weekend, it was a blast!!

A short (and foggy from all the paint fumes!) timelapse video from the second one: