Cotswold Sculpture Park  Wooden Panel Installations

I was absolutely over the moon to be asked by the big boss man of the prestigious Cotswold Sculpture Park, just up the road near Cirencester, if I would paint a wooden panel for him.  He had seen the punk girl mural I painted last year for the Cheltenham Paint festival, and thought that something similar would look cool in the park.  He wanted it to be a decent size, but a portable installation that someone could buy to put in their own garden / business grounds etc. 

Then , after completing the large punk girls panel, they asked me if I could add one or two more smaller pieces, so I gave the girls a couple of pets :D

This is part of the park's first tentative toe-dip into street-art style sculptures and paintings (local graffiti maestro Jaksta has also painted some cool oil drums for them - go check them out on the website link below!) - and they have told me that they are going down really well with the visitors - it's definitely something a little different for them.

All three installations are available to purchase from the park, if you have the space in your garden for them :) - you can either visit in person (Cotswold Sculpture Park, Somerford Keynes, Cirencester GL7 6FE) - or remotely via their website.

The first piece that you see is the punk rock doggo - as he is right in the entrance by the ticket office - pretty prime real estate! :)

Next you catch a glimpse of the girls through the trees....

I love the way that they have mounted the pieces on the old telegraph poles, and with the empty spray cans on the little table (welded on so nobody can steal them :) )....

Next up, the cool cat:

And back to the dog:

And where they got painted, in my front room :)  (too chunky to carry upstairs to my studio room - the smaller boards are 4 feet square, and the larger one is 8 feet by 4 feet - in the park, mounted on the old telegraph poles, they stand about 7 feet tall):