Dolly the Van - Tuk Tuk style makeover

Another colourful camper van makeover - pretty in pink!

This vibrant Tuk Tuk style makeover for Dolly the Campervan was a while in the making. I did most of the work in August 22 but then festival season was upon us, and she was pressed into duty mid paint.

She came back to me in mid September for final touch ups, and here she is all finished.

My design brief was fairly loose, just to take inspiration from the gorgeous hand decorated tuk tuk wagons and painted lorries from the Indian subcontinent, and to feature the van's name - Dolly. Oh and I also had to include a unicorn somewhere as an easter egg for the owner's niece 🙂

After the photos you'll find a time lapse video of the full painting process.

All the way round:

Timelapse video: