Garden Visitors Mural, Swindon

A really fun, colourful mural commission completed January 2022 for a Swindon couple, who wanted the wall to acknowledge all of the regular visitors to their garden - specific breeds of bird, bees, and a friendly bat too. Pity we didn't have room for the squirrel, as they also have one of those regularly popping by!

The best wildlife in the garden, though, was their lovely friendly pet dog, who was great company for the 23 hours it took to paint this over a week (in between bouts of rain).

The light was failing by the time I took the photo of the completed wall and the close ups, you can get a slightly better idea of the colours in the work-in-progress pic with the rainbow below.

NB the design looks a little imbalanced with not much going on down the bottom, but that's because they are going to put plant pots and a vegetable trug there, so I planned around that.

This last photo is a work in progress picture, but it shows how the mural fits in with the rest of the garden (something new is being added to the right of it, hence not painting the whole wall) - and the rainbow was a nice added touch :)