Graffiti Style Bedroom Mural, Purton
featuring parkour/skateboarder characters 

There's nothing more flattering than a previous customer asking you back to paint again - and this is my third job for this particular family, I'm extremely grateful for their continued support.

This time, it was the turn of the youngest member of the family to get a funky graffiti-style mural in her bedroom.

She was very specific about the contents (parkour!  a skater girl with dreadlocks!  my name in a cool graffiti style!) and the colour scheme (mainly blues and greens, absolutely NO PINK) - and thankfully I hit the mark and got a big smile and thumbs up when it was all finished :)

The background and graffiti letters were spray-painted, everything else was brush-painted by hand using coloured masonry paints, ensuring that the design is hardy, fade-proof and washable.

This was so much fun to paint (apart from the cricked neck from the sloping ceiling :D ) - I'd love to paint some more kids' room murals in a similar vein.

Timelapse video is at the bottom of the page.

The mural was designed to fit nicely around the furniture when it goes back in, here's an (expertly crafted  ;) ) reconstruction of how it will look , with parkour chappie jumping over the gaming desk....

And me for scale (with accidentally perfectly co-ordinating hair :) )

Timelapse video  (NB it is much clearer if you use the Youtube settings cog to change the quality to 1080):