Hotel California inspired
garage door mural, Swindon 

A nice colourful job, this one, I do love to go crazy with the colour :)  - a garage door makeover in north Swindon.  I really enjoyed painting this one out in the sunshine.

Loosely based on the Eagles' Hotel California album cover, but with some tweaks/additions requested by the client.  All spray paint, I didn't need to get my brushes out this week.

The roller door is very slightly raised in the photos below, but when fully closed, that white border will be equal on all four sides.... the original had a black border, but we decided to leave it white/unpainted so as not to get paint in the brushes at the sides.

Timelapse video of the full process is at the bottom of the page

Me for scale, as ever - although to be fair I expect most of you already know how big a garage door is 

Timelapse video: