Live Painting Events

Every now and then I get invited to paint at paint festivals or other live street art painting events, which is a real treat.  It is always fun to paint in public, and there is usually a great atmosphere, music, good food, and so on.

You don't usually get long to paint - 6 or 7 hours is the norm - although some stretch over a full weekend - so I'm sometimes a bit rushed and flustered, and I'm not going to produce a masterpiece in that time.  But it is still long enough to paint something fun.

Here are a few past live paint results, and I'll add to this page as more come along

Upfest - Bristol, May 2024
A smaller than usual Upfest this year, with only 4 ft square easel-boards instead of the usual bigger boards to paint on, but I still had a great day.  The tunes were playing, and it was busy and bustling :)

London - Deptford WOM Collective Jam, September 2023
I was chuffed to be invited to take part in one of the London-based paint events organised by the all female crew, the WOM Collective.
I had free rein on subject matter so I thought it would be fun to go with my punk girl again who I'd painted earlier in the year at the Cheltenham Paint Festival, but this time from a different angle, and with a proper background.
The wall surface wasn't the easiest to work with,  and there wasn't a ton of time, but I got her done :)  And it was a really good day out with nice people and top tunes.

<--- a short timelapse video on insta <--

Tamworth - New Urban Era event, July 2023
This year's theme was "endangered animals" - I picked one that is so endangered we aren't even 100% sure she exists :)
The weather was absolutely horrendous, it didn't stop tipping it down all day - but the organisers of the event managed to rustle us up some gazebos which helped a lot, and we got to work.
Allow me to introduce you to the world's derpiest Nessie :D 
(cool reflection photo courtesy of my other half - we were painting in a tennis court, but by the end of the day it looked more like a swimming pool!)

Weston Super Mare *again!!* :) - "Do1Cancer" event, July 2023
An emotional one this time - painted in memory of my good friend Lyn who passed from cancer just a few weeks before this event.  The Do1Cancer jam featured well over 100 artists painting simultaneously at various locations around the country, to raise funds for the Noah's Ark hospice.
The handsome, but sad, doggo is Lyn's boy Freddie, who was able to stay with her in the hospice until the end, which was a huge comfort to her, and the blue butterfly and yellow roses held special significance to our friendship 🦋 🌹

Back to Weston Super Mare - Weston Wallz June 2023
This one was a lot of fun - painted in the glorious sunshine as a collaboration with my other half - I did the background and he did the grumpy fishes :)

Weston Super Mare Paint Jam - February 2023
I re-visited the drippy background technique that I used in Oxford for this one, as I enjoyed it so much last time

<--- a short timelapse video on insta <--

Oxford Paint Jam - January 2023
We were blessed with a dry, not too freezing day for this one!  I had a lot of fun with the drips :)

Cheltenham Paint Festival - July 2022
I painted over my last CPF piece from 2 years ago (further down page) which was surprisingly still there and untagged!  The "tree tops" have been cut down though.

Tamworth - New Urban Era event - July 2022
theme: "Heroes and Villains", so I went for Moon Knight, as he's kind of a bit of both

Cheltenham Paint Festival - September 2020
Marvel's Man-Thing - holding the heart-shaped herb as a tribute to Chadwick Boseman whose passing we had just heard about when I painted this.
The "tree tops" were a lucky accident as I had already planned what I was going to paint before I was allocated this spot.