Longs Bar, Old Town, Swindon

December 2021 commission

Having seen the Belle Vue Road local history mural just around the corner, the manager of the popular cocktail bar, Longs in Old Town, approached me with an idea he had for brightening up his garden bar. He wanted bright, tropical and glamorous, and the design needed to incorporate cocktails and music in some way. Also it needed to complement the attractive setting, which has feature lighting and plants trailing from the ceiling, and the other walls are a dark green colour.

I sketched up a few ideas and we settled on this final design. This is a large wall (see me in one of the photos for scale 😊 ), and the design is very detailed, so it took two full weekends to complete, but both the client and I were delighted with the end result.

I must add here that I really enjoyed my time at Longs, all the staff are super nice, the food was amazing, the decor throughout the place (not just my bit 😃 ) is really lovely, and the music is good. If you are a Swindon local and haven't been there for a while (like me!), go check it out for a nice meal and some 2 for 1 cocktails.

Also for Longs - for their Super Bowl party night - I painted the NFL logo on a large piece of astro turf: