"Misty" wall

This particular painting outing was for fun not profit, not that the paid jobs aren't fun, all painting is fun! Maybe I should say that this one was a labour of love.

See below for photos and a time lapse video of the painting process start to finish.

Growing up (and nothing has really changed since), I was a huge fan of spooky stories, and comic books. And the comic Misty was the perfect spooky story collection.I've always really liked the cover to issue 34 of the comic (see the original below), so this is my little love letter to it.
I recently got hold of a GoPro camera, so as well as taking photos, I was able to also make this little 2 minute time lapse video of the painting from start to finish, in case you are interested in the process. It actually took 8 hours and 15 minutes all in all (long shift! My fitbit was delighted with me though, all that walking backwards and forwards and up and down the step ladder got me 18k steps :) )
I'd absolutely love to do more comic book inspired murals, so, if you have a kids' bedroom, den, games room.... or you want the entire front of your house covered with the Avengers, get in touch :)