Remembrance Mural
Stratton Royal British Legion, Swindon 

This mural was an absolute honour to work on.  As a lifetime pacifist ever since I read Wilfred Owen's poems at school (which was a very long time ago!), I have always observed Remembrance Day for what it originally stood for - a heartfelt request that we never forget the sacrifices made in WW1 - and also that we learn from and ideally never repeat the horrors of war.  I wished then, back in school, that I would live to see an end to all wars.  It remains my wish, but it is looking less likely with every passing year that it will be granted.  I will continue to wear my poppy at this time of year, not to glorify war, but to honour those we lost, and to keep hoping that one day the losses will end.

Timelapse video is at the bottom of the page, as usual.

Thanks to local photographer James Gillespie for taking a couple of paparazzi shots of me in action (that's my "I'm concentrating, and I'm also rather cold" face :)  ) :

And here are a couple of photos from the grand unveiling (performed by L:R the Mayor, the general manager of Hiller's Funeral Services, who funded the mural, and yours truly):

I'm not sure if this link will stay up permanently, but here' is the Swindon Advertiser's video of the unveiling ceremony:

In less than a week of them putting it up, this video had already got almost half a million  views and over 700 comments!  Which is rather mindblowing.  I wish my own social media posts got that sort of attention :D

Timelapse video: