Seaside Bathroom Mural
painted on ceramic tiles, Swindon 

Some people go to the seaside on a sunny bank holiday, I stay indoors and paint it 🙂 ⛱️🌊

My first bathroom mural (well, the first one where I was painting onto tiles) so now I'm a bonafide card-carrying expert on primers for ceramic surfaces, if you ever need one!

Bit of a tricky end result to take a photo of, as the varnish was still wet and therefore super shiny, plus there was a bright glare from the window at the left.  So I've also included a couple of pics from earlier in the process before the varnish went on and the masking tape was removed.  You get the jist....

A timelapse video of the full process is at the bottom of the page.


Me climbing in and out of the bath :D  There was a lot of that!

And a couple of closeups:

Timelapse video: