Treasures of the South West - van makeover

Who's ready for the latest edition of "vans you'll never lose in a car park???" πŸ™‚

This colourful love letter to the South West of England was a delight to paint.

The owners were torn between decorating the van with Banksy-style graffiti, or going for a colourful cartoony tribute to local landmarks (inspired by a Thatchers cider pint glass πŸ™‚ ). So in the end we compromised with a bit of both. After all, Banksy is a "treasure of the South West" too!

The client wanted to keep the front of the van plain grey, so it worked well to use the curtain boy drawing back the grey to reveal the riot of colour underneath. (This one's actually widely mis-attributed to Banksy, but it's in the same stencilly style, I painted it freehand though).

Painted during a rare British heatwave and the van was so hot that the paint was bubbling away like it was boiling!

After the photos you'll find a time lapse video of the full painting process.

All the way round:

Timelapse video: