Squished Face Girl, Cheltenham

Another "just for fun" job - in a legal painting spot on the cycle paths by Waitrose, in sunny Cheltenham Spa.

it's always really nice to paint in public as the passers by are usually really happy to see new public art popping up in their locality. It's very rare indeed to get a negative reaction. Plus if any little kids show an interest, we give them free stickers, so that always goes down well 😃

No timelapse video for this one I'm afraid as unfortunately my new GoPro camera went and died on me! Sob! A replacement is on its way, but in the meantime, I made a little step-by-step slideshow for this one from still photos instead, for those of you who enjoy watching the process (bottom of the page)

This one took just under 8 hours to paint from start to finish, so that gives you an idea of what is achievable in a day, in case you were thinking of commissioning something similar (large focal image, fairly simple background)

A little step by step slide show of the painting process: