Star Trek office mural

I always enjoy painting my mural commissions, whatever the subject matter, but I think this one might just be the most fun I've had yet - I do love a bit of Trek! ๐Ÿ––

This client has recently converted a spare room into an office, as they are now working from home most of the time in our new post covid world. The brief was for a Star Trek themed feature wall, with a nebula featuring particular colours - pinks, oranges and reds - to coordinate with a favourite piece of abstract art.

This wall will now be the backdrop to all of their work zoom calls :)

After the photos you'll find a time lapse video of the full painting process (13 hours compressed into less than 3 minutes)

The mural went across three walls, and the room isn't huge, so it was tricky getting it all in shot, hence the jaunty angles:

(PS for any potential future clients tutting at those grubby skirting boards, I did offer to mask them off, but the client hasn't painted them yet so told me not to bother, I promise I'm usually cleaner! :D)