Star Wars mural for a gaming room
Alveston, near Bristol 

I always enjoy sci-fi themed walls - and this one was no exception - especially given that I got to paint it just a couple of days before Star Wars day :) May the 4th be with you, and all that jazz!

Once this room is finished, it will be the client's gaming room - hopefully he will enjoy playing a few rounds of Knights of the Old Republic in there - or maybe even a newer Star Wars game that isn't 20 odd years old :D

Timelapse video is at the bottom of the page.

A rough artist's impression of how the room might look once it is finished and furnished:

It's always a treat to work on a completely fresh canvas - the room has been pretty much gutted, and recently replastered - so I didn't have to worry about skirting boards and the like

As is traditional, me for scale (covered in paint and looking shattered - one of these days I'll take a flattering "tada it's finished" photo - but this is not it! :D  ):

Timelapse video  (best viewed in 1080p quality):

The wall was a good size but the room itself is fairly narrow, so I couldn't get the camera very far back - and even on its widest lens it struggled to get everything in - so please forgive the jaunty angles, and the fact that my bum looks the width of a double decker bus when I'm sitting too close to the camera :D