Terminator themed car - hand-painted bonnet and extras

I love all my clients and all my commissions, you know I do ..... but I love the sci-fi and comic book clients the most :D

I'm not going to pretend that I wasn't a little nervous painting on such a fancy motor. But the actual painting process was an utter joy.

Come with me if you want to live!!

After the photos you'll find a time lapse video of the full painting process for the car bonnet, plus a
walkround of the completed car after I added some liquid metal bullet holes on the back a few months later.

Thankfully the client was able to get the bonnet off the car for me to paint it (much easier to paint upright), and back on the car again at the end:

A few months after I painted the bonnet, the client came to me with a new problem - she had removed the badging from the rear of the car, but it had left unsightly glue stains which were impossible to remove, and were getting on her nerves.:

So we decided that a fun solution would be for me to sand down the raised glue marks, and overpaint with something that would add to the theming of the car. T-1000 style bullet holes it is, then! :)

(and yes, the personalised number plate and Audi badge are new too :) SUCH a cool ride!)

Timelapse video (spot the one section I somehow put in out of sequence, and can't go back to fix because I deleted the raw clips. Doh!):

And a quick walkaround showing the bullet holes on the back: