The Unit Gym
Exterior Mural, Swindon 

A mural for a local gym - designed to add interest to the gym's outdoor area, where they operate classes when the weather allows, and also act as a bit of a billboard for the business.

A bit of an unusual one for me, she who usually goes overboard with obnoxiously bright colours, as the brief called for monochrome.  But I'm really happy with how it turned out in greytone - clean and sharp.

The mural has tidied up a previously somewhat worse-for-wear wall in the gym's outside workout area, and is super visible from a very popular local car park, so hopefully it will draw more attention to the gym and get them some new members and/or help people to find it.

Timelapse video is at the bottom of the page, as usual.

View from the car park:

Close ups:

Time for a workout! :D :

Timelapse video: