Tropical Garden Mural
on a 90 foot long wall, Swindon 

Ooof - this was a big 'un! 

When the homeowner first got in touch with me about this one last year, she warned me that her garden wall was a bit on the long side, she wasn't wrong :D

I treated it as a marathon, not a sprint, made good progress every day, and managed to get the work completed over two long weekends (with some help on the second day from my other half - thanks Jay :) ) - luckily the weather was - mainly - co-operative.

The brief was "tropical plants and flowers, palm trees, tropical birds, bright and colourful" - and I think we got there.

Timelapse video is at the bottom of the page.  There's also a nifty little reel on my instagram,  complete with a Wham soundtrack - who could resist? 

Me for scale, as ever - looking very tired :D   The wall wasn't super tall - didn't even need a ladder for this one - just looooooong.

Timelapse video: