Tropical Rooftop Garden, Swindon

My biggest job to date - bringing the tropics in full surroundscape to this lovely suntrap in a rooftop garden in Old Town, Swindon.

The brief from the client was short and sweet - 4 walls = 4 times of day at the beach:
Sunrise πŸŒ…
Day time β˜€οΈ
Sunset πŸŒ„
Night time 🌘

And around 7 full days of painting later, this was the result:

So many photos! But there is lot to see.

There is also a video down at the bottom of the page....

Apologies that the video below is a little all over the place, we had moved a ton of stuff into the middle of the garden so I had access to all the walls to paint, and I almost tripped over a couple of times as I negotiated all the obstacles while filming! :)

This beachscape was an absolute joy to paint, and I hope that it allows the homeowner to soak up a little holiday spirit when sitting outside on a warm summer's day.