Twin Peaks mural, Cheltenham

An absolute labour of love - Twin Peaks is  a major obsession of mine -  painted on the Honeybourne Line cycle/walking path, near Waitrose in Cheltenham.

I love painting in public, as I get to chat to loads of nice passers by, and say hi to their dogs :)   Everyone seemed to really like this one, despite most of them having to have it explained - it seems that Twin Peaks doesn't live on rent free in the everyday mind of the average member of the general public quite as much as it does in mine! :D  

This one took 12 hours to paint over a day and a half.  Most of that (not really, but it felt like it) was faffing around painting those darned chevrons :D

There's a timelapse video at the bottom of the page - with a twist!

Me for scale: